Henny, Stop Everything and Watch This Fabulous New Queer Eye Music Video

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Henny, Stop Everything and Watch This Fabulous New <i>Queer Eye</i> Music Video

Well, this is a fantastic way to start Pride Month.

The second season of Netflix’s Queer Eye reboot is quickly approaching (June 15!) and last night, the Fab Five released a new music video for a bit of promotion with pop chanteuse/queer icon Betty Who. It’s a retooling of their theme song, “All Things,” showcasing the Queer Eye hosts both individually and as a group. Can you believe?

If you’re a fan of the new Queer Eye, you already know this is going to be the best thing you’ll see all day, so stop whatever you’re doing and give it a watch right this instant. There is dancing, there is vogueing, there are lots of avocados. It is, without a doubt, a fantastic time.

If you’re not a fan of the new Queer Eye, uh, why not? We’ve had it in our TV Power rankings in some capacity not once, but twice, and it truly is a shining light in today’s bleak America. You’ll definitely laugh, you’ll certainly cry, and there’s a good chance you may fall in love with one of the boys.

June 15 can’t come fast enough.

Annie Black is Paste’s social media manager. She lives in Atlanta, where she is continually looking for the Fab Five in their natural habitat. Follow her on Twitter: @helloannieblack>