Revolution Review: "Chained Heat" (Episode 1.02)

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<i>Revolution</i> Review: "Chained Heat" (Episode 1.02)

Revolution is worth watching because it’s fun, not because it will win you cool points for watching a critically acclaimed show. It’s a run-of-the-mill sci-fi drama that has planted some nice stories, but it also provides some shrug-worthy moments.

A compelling part of the Revolution world is what happened immediately after the blackout. We get to see bits and pieces of what happened 15 years ago. While the story they show is nothing more than not-too-subtle foreshadowing, the glimpses of the world depict just how chaotic it would be after a global blackout.

In “Chained Heat” the main timeline continues to follow the group’s trek across what used to be Illinois. Miles needs to find someone named Nora because “she’s good at blowing things up” and they will need help to storm Monroe’s camp. The dynamic between Miles and Charlie is enjoyable to watch. We’ve seen this type of relationship—sort of an apprentice/master one—before, but that doesn’t take away from it. Charlie is desperate and as annoying she is to Miles, he has to respect her drive to find her brother.

Nora adds a new wrinkle to the show. She’s just as proven as Miles and will probably teach Charlie a thing or two about survival and fighting. The entire episode hinted at Charlie’s maturation into something more than a terrified teenager. Her willingness to kill to help release 30 innocent people proves she has what it takes to survive and provided a much needed rush of adrenaline for this episode.

While the group believes finding Danny is the main conquest, we as viewers know it’s really about finding a solution for the blackout. Last week ended with a revealing shot of a mysterious lady turning on a computer. Now Aaron and Maggie, separated from Miles and Charlie, realize that they need to find the woman. It may be a subplot, but it is almost as thrilling as the main story. Eventually it will become the main focus, but for now we’ll have to get fed bit by bit as the mystery unfolds.

The show is a lot like The Hunger Games. Not for the obvious, post-apocalyptic reasons, but for the reasons I opened this review with: it’s a fun adventure that’s entertaining. I know that the term “genre television” means nothing with so many sci-fi shows breaking out with critical acclaim, but sometimes a fun genre show is worth tuning in. It will be interesting to see where the show goes, and it definitely does a good job of getting viewers amped up for what will happen next.