Soulmates Episode 5 Sneak Peek: What Happens If Your Soulmate Dies Before You Meet Them?

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<i>Soulmates</i> Episode 5 Sneak Peek: What Happens If Your Soulmate Dies Before You Meet Them?

The AMC episodic anthology series Soulmates all revolves around one question: if there was a definitive test that revealed your soulmate, would you take it? We’re not talking about a questionnaire or a Buzzfeed quiz. In this story, there is a “soulmate gene” that is able to be discovered and matched with a database to provide a scientific truth of who your soul is connected to.

Throughout the series, Soulmates explores a variety of different facets about what this means. What if you are already married? What if you are being scammed? What if your soulmate is a terrible person? As I noted in my review, it leans into horror more than hope in most cases, and the results are hauntingly engaging.

Tonight’s episode, “Break on Through,” examines one of its most fascinating questions: what if your soulmate is dead? What if you never got to meet them? That’s the quandary facing a sweet, despondent farmer (Charlie Heaton, of Stranger Things). He discovers a religious organization, The Church of Righteous Transition, that speaks to this loss by creating a space to grieve for those whose soulmates have perished. But is it better to focus on that loss rather than move forward with someone in the here and now? As he meets another searching soul (Malin Akerman), both characters realize that their fate is truly in their own hands.

Check out our exclusive clip from the episode below, where Heaton and Akerman’s characters explain why they took the test in the first place; Soulmates airs Monday nights on AMC:

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