Watch the Recording for Star Trek: Discovery's Somewhat-Familiar Theme Song

TV Video Star Trek: Discovery
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No matter the quality of the show or movie in question, Star Trek deserves an exciting and optimistic musical score behind each iteration of the sci-fi franchise. For the new CBS All Access show Star Trek: Discovery, composer Jeff Russo (FX’s Fargo, Legion) is looking to lend his talents to continuing the legacy of Alexander Courage and Jerry Goldsmith, among others.

Gone is the schmaltzy soft rock ballad that plagued the previous Star Trek show Enterprise, and in its stead is a more traditional orchestrated score from the Emmy-winning Russo. The official Star Trek YouTube channel uploaded a behind-the-scenes video that shows Russo in action, conducting the new show’s theme song that combines his own new theme with familiar hints of Courage’s iconic music.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video above, and look out for Star Trek: Discovery when it premieres Sunday, Sept. 24, broadcasted on CBS before moving to the online CBS All Access for the rest of its run.