Watch: Ace Confronts the Loss of His Father in an Emotional Heels Sneak Peek

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Watch: Ace Confronts the Loss of His Father in an Emotional <i>Heels</i> Sneak Peek

In only three episodes, Heels on Starz has already established itself as one of the TV gems of 2021. Focusing on the small fictional town of Duffy, Georgia, and the amateur wrestling league therein, Heels is a show that is both fully profane and yet somehow wholesome. Whether you are a seasoned wrestling fan or a newbie, the show’s warm Friday Night Lights vibes are welcoming—even though the themes it tackles aren’t always easy.

In the upcoming fourth episode, “Cutting Promos,” the Spade family is all under one roof after a house fire. At a family dinner, young Thomas (Roxton Garcia) says a prayer that triggers his grandmother Carol (Alice Barrett) into saying that her late husband is currently burning in hell because of his suicide. But it’s not Jack (Stephen Amell) who confronts his mother over this moment—it’s Ace (Alexander Ludwig). The two have a calm and frank conversation about grief, sadness, and anger that you’ll see play out in our episode sneak peek below. It’s a big moment for Ace who goes through a lot of growth this week, including embracing his new persona as a heel. But he still has a long way to go, as does Wild Bill (Chris Bauer), who is trying to find his place after he made a pretty major blunder.

Check out the promo (hey!) for “Cutting Promos” below; the episode will air this Sunday, September 5th, on Starz.

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