Stranger Things and Parks and Rec Collide as Steve and Jean-Ralphio Meet

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The internet can be a dangerous place, but it can also be wonderful. Such was the case on Tuesday when Stranger Things met Parks and Recreation in a single, beautiful moment. Earlier this summer, following the phenomenal success of Stranger Things, a meme circulated that the character Steve Harrington was likely the father of Jean-Ralphio Saperstein of Parks and Rec, since the two look so similar.

Now actors Joe Keery and Ben Schwartz, who play Harrington and Saperstein, respectively, have united to give power to these memes. In the pictures taken by the pair, they wear matching plaid shirts to highlight the family resemblance. We also get a look at Harrington teaching his son, who is older than him, how to shave. Time travel’s confusing.

The two do share a strong resemblance, and Schwartz has demanded that he appear in all future seasons of Stranger Things, which he sees lasting for at least 99 more seasons. While the pair may never be united on-screen, we can at least use these tweets to remind us of the simple power of a good meme. Check out their family photos below.

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