Supergirl Review: “World’s Finest”

(Episode 1.18)

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<i>Supergirl</i> Review: &#8220;World&#8217;s Finest&#8221;

FLASH CROSSOVER NIGHT!!! And what a crossover it is, prompting me to ask just one question: Can we keep him?? Please, CW, please. We promise to feed him donuts, and take him for runs around the country and not let any super villains attack him. Okay, not let any more super villains attack him.

“World’s Finest” is nothing short of delightful. While crossover events can often feel a bit stilled, there’s not even the slightest hint of a stumble in tonight’s team up. This may be the result of both Supergirl and The Flash coming from the same production team, but there does seem to be that one magical, extra element. Everyone working on tonight’s episode just looks like they’re having an amazing time. And after the past few weeks of thematically heavy and emotionally difficult material, it’s a necessary shift in tone for our beloved Supergirl.

And fun it is. Barry and Kara have amazing chemistry. (Seriously, CW, can we keep him?) Kara’s attempts to win the people of National City back via assembling IKEA tables may be the most heroic thing she’s ever done, because even Deadpool knows that IKEA is a challenge for only the most tenacious of superhero. And even Cat’s sudden push for Kara and James—Karames? Jara? Oh, yeah Jara!—while a little out of character, is nothing short of hilarious. Oh, and she explains romance with cupcakes. Seriously, it’s like Cat is speaking directly to me.

If tonight’s episode had just been a fun, well-crafted crossover event, that probably would have been enough. One of the detriments to using your show to talk about difficult topics is that the tone can get intense really quickly, and sometimes we need a break from that. So the fact that tonight’s episode still takes the time to touch on some deeper issues is what really pushes this episode above and beyond. With a lighter than usual touch, Kara’s impulsiveness is addressed. She’s in such a hurry to prove herself that she rushes into a fight with Livewire (Yay!) without any real plan. This almost gets her (and Barry) killed, and Kara is genuinely remorseful, but thanks to the Barry Allen Superhero Mentorship Program, Kara gets her head back in the game pretty quickly.

Why is Livewire suddenly such a challenge again? Well, maybe it’s because she’s also part of a team-up tonight with the newly revealed Silver Banshee. Just when I thought Siobhan couldn’t get any more unlikeable, she does this. As it turns out her miraculous save from the end of last week’s episode is more the logical result of an ancient curse than an actual miracle. So basically, we learn that Siobhan’s obnoxious behavior is curse-based. I’d say that’s a pretty flimsy explanation for writing an unlikable character, but Marvel has fish oil that turns you into an ill-tempered porcupine, so comic book logic can be a bit comical. Still, we get our first look at Silver Banshee tonight and I’ve learned the answer to an important question. You know what’s an annoying superpower? Screaming. Screaming’s an annoying superpower.

It’s still not quite as dangerous as Livewire’s electrical manipulations, which almost take Kara and Barry down tonight, but once again Supergirl takes the time to stretch just a little bit further. It seems that IKEA assemble aside, Kara has been slowly regaining the trust of the people of National City, so when she really needs them, it’s the ordinary, not super powered humans—people like you and me—that really step up to be the heroes in “World’s Finest.” Because we all need help every now and then, whether it’s from an inter-dimensional meta-human, or the people we pass on the street everyday. Sometimes it’s important just to know that we’re not alone.

Oh and James and Kara kissed. They. Kissed. I ship it. You ship it. Cat captains this ship, and Barry is our excitably earnest navigator, and with this crew I think we’ll be able to make it off into the sunset, even if Non has his cannons set to fire.

Katherine Siegel is a Chicago-based freelance writer and director and a regular contributor to Paste. You can find out more by checking out her website, or follow her on Twitter.

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