A Supernatural Spinoff Featuring Sheriff Jody Mills Is in the Works

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A <i>Supernatural</i> Spinoff Featuring Sheriff Jody Mills Is in the Works

The CW is producing a female-centered spinoff from the Supernatural franchise, as Deadline first reported.

The new series, titled Wayward Sisters, will star Kim Rhodes as Sheriff Jody Mills who first appeared in season five of Supernatural and has long been an ally of the Winchesters.

Wayward Sisters will tell the story of Mills, who lost her husband and son to zombies, training a group of young women all orphaned by supernatural attacks. Under Mills’ guidance, this group will become a supreme monster-fighting force.

The CW has long shown interest in a spinoff for Supernatural, their longest-running current series. During season nine, a pilot for one possible spinoff titled Bloodlines was developed, but ultimately not taken to series. The backdoor pilot was rejected by fans for lacking familiar characters with established connections to the show’s passionate fanbase.

Other characters from Supernatural may appear in the new series. For several seasons, fans have been rallying for a spinoff featuring Mills along with several other women in the show, including orphan Claire Novak, runaway Alex Jones and Mills’ colleague Sheriff Donna Hanscum.

Considering the fan-given name for this idea is “Wayward Daughters,” it feels likely producers will stick close to the concepts spread on social media under the hashtag #waywardaf—including other characters from the main series in Wayward Sisters feels like a logical step.

Wayward Sisters is executive produced by Andrew Dabb, Robert Singer, Phil Sgriccia and Robert Berens, and written by Dabb and Berens, all Supernatural veterans.

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