Is It Time to Cheat on The Affair?

(Episode 3.06)

TV Video The Affair
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Honestly, all I thought throughout this episode was, “Is it over yet?”

Helen’s parents are back together and they talk about how, even though her father was a perennial cheater, he wanted to be with his wife because she knew him best.

Which gets Helen to thinking about Noah. She’s with the doctor, but she’s still hung up on her ex. Then she goes to Max and he seems happy and he’s engaged.

Then (of course) he can’t help doing Helen while she’s there. But she makes a mistake and brings up Noah, and Max is so over her (as usual) and kicks her out of the house.

While she longs for Noah, he isn’t there for her and, specifically, Martin. Martin is doing his senior year over and about to flunk out because he’s skipping class.

He comes home eventually and tells Helen that he has been with Noah in Pennsylvania.

Helen isn’t sure what to do about her son, and when she goes to his sister’s house to check up on him, she gets an earful.

She gets that Noah and Helen’s relationship was screwed up from the beginning, and she indicates that there are things Helen doesn’t know about his mother… but stops short of telling her. She also brings up that she doesn’t think Noah killed anybody.

Noah has gone home to Juliette with the busted car and she tells him that it belongs to the school. She wants him to be into her, but he just isn’t.

Is he still in love with Alison? Thinking about Helen? Who knows?

He turns her down and leaves in the middle of the night for the home he’s avoided: The home his mother died in.

We then see his interaction with Martin, who shows up to hang out and tells him that he wants to go to the Army. Noah tells him to finish school first and it feels like he’s going to do the right thing.

He also tells Martin the truth about what happened with his mother.

Once he gets to town he runs into old friends and brings up the security guard at a dinner party. He also sends Martin off with a girl he doesn’t know, so he can discuss more details with his old school chums.

He’s so paranoid about that guy, but he also can’t stop taking the prescription drugs.

At the end of Helen’s story, she goes to the house and sees Noah in the water fighting with nothing.

At the end of Noah’s story, we see him fighting with the younger version of himself.

I hope something interesting happens next week so I don’t have to cheat on this show.

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