The Affair Review: Confession Is Good for the Soul

(Episode 3.09)

TV Video The Affair
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Guilt will eat you alive if you let it, and Helen and Noah have that in common. But confession is good for the soul, or at least it seems like that’s the point.

Helen cannot keep her guilt in anymore and decides she has to confess to Scotty’s mother. She tells her parents first, who try to lock her in a panic room.

I thought those were just for when you think you are going to be a attacked. Apparently, it’s also a place for wayward kids. Except Helen flips it on them and makes them stay in the panic room. Maybe all parents need one of those. A very expensive time out corner.

We then see her night out with Alison at the bar and she hears Alison’s side of the story. That she was there the night Scotty died as well, and she was the one who pushed him in front of the car.

So really, Noah, who ruined both women’s lives, also tried to protect them.

Helen also confesses to Vic, and after a talk it seems like they will work things out.

Which I’m glad about. He’s hot and he likes her kids.

Meanwhile, Noah is now stalking the prison guard and his family. He’s literally out of his mind. At this point I’m almost thinking he made the whole thing up as a result of solitary confinement.

The guard in the prison tortures him with a story about his mother that no one knows, which is why I think this is a hallucination from guilt Noah’s felt for years over what happened with his mom.

Noah is bothered. He thought he had cut the prison guard’s hand, but when he gets home it’s his hand that’s cut. We see that he thinks the prison guard is in the window looking in at him in his apartment, but then he cuts his own neck.

Yeah, it took three years for Helen to confess something that Alison already knew. And Noah has lost his mind.

Never have an affair.

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