The Affair: “Episode 4”

(Episode 1.04)

TV Reviews The Affair
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<i>The Affair</i>: &#8220;Episode 4&#8221;

This episode of The Affair represented the actual start of the affair. Noah and Alison decide to leave the nosy town of Montauk, and take the ferry over to Block Island. Of course, everyone knows Alison over there too, but they have a little anonymity so as to fool around.

Sadly, the format of this episode is a little different, in that we couldn’t play “He Said/She Said,” because their stories were fairly close. However, there is a major question about what the interrogator is up to when he starts to lie.

This episode was a little slow, because there were no other characters in it. So it felt a bit one-dimensional, but that didn’t stop me from talking about it! Check out the video recap below: