The Bridge Review: “Rakshasa”

(Episode 2.09)

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<i>The Bridge</i> Review: &#8220;Rakshasa&#8221;

As a television critic, I’m lucky enough to get many episodes of The Bridge in advance. However, I watch each episode week-by-week because I don’t want my knowledge of what happens in next week’s episode to inform my review of the current week’s episode.

I tell you all this because I’m using almost all of my will power to not immediately watch next Wednesday’s installment. “Rakshasa” was an explosive, nail-biting hour. As the war between Fausto and Sebastian Cerisola came to a head, Fausto employed his favorite problem-solving solution: kill everyone.

Eleanor finds an extremely sketchy buyer for Red Ridge View, and needs Charlotte to transfer the property out of her name. Fearing for her life, Charlotte sends a panicked text to DEA Agent Joe McKenzie who triumphantly comes to Red Ridge. “It’s over Ms. Nacht,” Joe tells her. But, alas, it’s not over. Fausto’s men come in, guns blazing, shooting everyone in sight.

Eleanor is spared, but only because Fausto gives the order to have her tortured before she dies. It certainly seems like Charlotte and Joe are dead, and Hank is left fighting for his life. As much as I love Annabeth Gish (have been a fan since Mystic Pizza, but who hasn’t), Charlotte Millright has run her course as a character. All season long it seemed like the show was trying to jam her into the overall story line which is too bad, because she was a character with great potential last season.

But Hank? We can’t lose Hank. Not when he and Sonya have so much unfinished business. Can you imagine what Hank’s death would do to Sonya? Ted Levine is a grounding force in the series. The show would not be the same without him.

The most far-fetched sequence came during Marco’s cowboy rescue of Sonya. Informed by Sebastian (who thinks that Marco can help him take care of Fausto) that Chopper has taken Sonya, Marco goes on a one-man mission to save her. I totally believed Marco would be able to find and rescue Sonya, but I didn’t quite buy that Chopper would take that much time to kill her. A philosophical hit man who spouts things like “Death is a reminder that you really don’t matter.” Please. It just seemed like a giant delay tactic because Sonya, obviously, cannot die.

After the rescue, is Sonya grateful? Um, not really. She’s suspicious that Fausto has sent men after Daniel, Adriana and herself, but not Marco. “I saved your life today and you still don’t trust me,” he says to Sonya. I’m right there with you Marco. Sonya lives her life in black and white absolutes which isn’t really going to work with the war on drugs.

One thing that really struck me with this episode (besides the obvious horror) is how over-populated the show is. In general, I’d rather not go an entire episode without Daniel and Adriana, but there was probably no organic way they could have been included in such a busy episode. Also we have heard nothing more of Jack Dobbs since Sonya kicked him out, which makes his whole storyline continue to feel extraneous.

“Rakshasa” has moved everyone into position for a massive showdown in the final four episodes of the season. “That war is finally here—in the U.S.” Marco tells Sonya before they both vow to get everyone involved.

Other thoughts on “Rakshasa:”
•I definitely don’t want to be in Eleanor and Cesar’s book club.
•Eleanor is right. “1234” is a weak passcode.
•Poor Chip. I knew there was no way he could survive the series.
•What’s with the notary public who came down the stairs? If you heard all that gunfire, wouldn’t you stay upstairs and hide?
•I’m unclear if this shootout is the same shootout we saw Monte P. Flagman walk through in the season premiere? I’m thinking no.

Amy Amatangelo is a Boston-based freelance writer and a regular contributor to Paste. You can follow her on Twitter or her blog.