Visual Proof that The Get Down is the Dopest Summer Block Party Ever

TV Galleries The Get Down
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Visual Proof that <i>The Get Down</i> is the Dopest Summer Block Party Ever

The colors, the sounds, the curse words coming out of adolescent mouths—there are so many reasons to love The Get Down. Creators Baz Luhrmann and Stephen Adly Guirgis have done us good, with this high octane, perfectly soundtracked series that achieves what so few music shows have. As Paste critic Matt Brennan wrote earlier this week, on The Get Down “the music isn’t the setting for the story. The music is the story.” He is cosigned by another Paste writer, Andy Crump, who says that “the investment the show makes in its subject matter extends naturally to its characters, for whom music is oxygen instead of decoration.” All of which is fancy, critic talk for “this show is one big, dope block party and we never want it to end.” Here’s a gallery of gifs that will keep The Get Down party going. RE: the disco moves of Cadillac—don’t try those at home.