The Handmaid's Tale Season Two Trailer Debuts

TV News The Handmaid's Tale
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<i>The Handmaid's Tale</i> Season Two Trailer Debuts

After a short teaser and a few early looks, finally the full-length season two trailer for The Handmaid’s Tale has arrived. The Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning Hulu original series based on Margaret Atwood’s eponymous novel will return with two new episodes on April 25. The first season won Elisabeth Moss her long-awaited Emmy after seven previous nominations from her work on Mad Men and Top of the Lake.

As mentioned previously, season two will focus on Offred’s pregnancy and her fight for freedom—both hers and that of the future children of Gilead. Showrunner Bruce Miller says he has also laid out about 10 seasons of the show, purely inspired by Atwood’s writings, and insists that Atwood will remain largely present in the development of the forthcoming seasons.

“People talk about how we’re beyond the book, but we’re not really. The book starts, then jumps 200 years with an academic discussion at the end of it, about what’s happened in those intervening 200 years,” Miller explained in a January interview. “It’s maybe handled in an outline, but it’s still there in Margaret’s novel. We’re not going beyond the novel; we’re just covering territory she covered quickly, a bit more slowly.”

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