New Trailer for The Mist Focuses on the Human Element

TV Video The Mist
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While previous trailers for Spike’s forthcoming The Mist series have largely focused on the gory deaths caused by the titular smoky mist that envelops the small town of Bridgeville, Maine, this new trailer focuses on the human element. The clips starts a little more slowly, with a little more sunshine, before devolving into skin-crawling madness. It’s a slightly different angle to take on the craziness, and it hints at a show with more depth than we may have originally thought. Supernatural horror that reveals the depths of human depravity is nothing new for Stephen King, but that hasn’t always translated well from book to film or television. Thankfully, The Mist appears prepared to explore those elements.

Throughout the trailer, we see clips of characters brandishing weapons at each other, an apparent mayor character who wants to “establish a set of rules” and a very literal “final girl” character who appears unaffected by the mist, presumably because of her innocence. It seems the evil smoke inspires characters to act on the horrible things they’d never before been willing to do. It exposes their inner selves, as it were.

All in all, this new trailer adds up to a creepy, intense look at a series that appears to be shaping up into something special. Horror shows can find a difficult time toeing that line between scary and campy, but, so far, The Mist looks to be on the right side of that line.

Watch the intense new trailer above, then check out the previous two teasers here and here.