Mahershala Ali Wants the Whole Story in First True Detective Season Three Teaser

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Mahershala Ali Wants the Whole Story in First <i>True Detective</i> Season Three Teaser

Over three years after a divisive second season, HBO has released the first trailer for the third season of hit crime anthology series True Detective, now anchored by Oscar winner Mahershala Ali.

As Paste previously reported, this season moves to the Ozark Mountains, and will follow Ali over three time periods as Wayne Hays, a Northern Arkansas detective haunted by a case. The new trailer also features Carmen Ejogo, along with previously announced cast members Mamie Gummer, Scoot McNairy and Stephen Dorff.

True to form with True Detective’s elusive style, we don’t get too many details about the season’s central mystery. What we get instead are the show’s trademark multiple timelines, ominously atmospheric vibe and plenty of portentous lines promising a dark season ahead.

True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto will be credited with writing the entire season, besides the fourth episode, which he wrote alongside ’s David Milch. Pizzolatto will also direct, along with Green Room director Jeremy Saulnier, who was forced to exit the show due to scheduling conflicts after helming its first two episodes, and Daniel Sackheim, who replaced Saulnier.

The trailer announces a January 2019 return date for the new season, which, for HBO, will hopefully mark a return to the first season’s acclaim.

Watch the teaser below.