True Detective is No More (Probably)

TV News True Detective
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According to HBO sources, Nic Pizzolatto has likely written the last episode of his Emmy award-winning True Detective.

HBO still has Pizzolatto under contract, so the novelist-turned-screenwriter definitely isn’t leaving the network altogether. But a new series from him is “more likely” than a third season of True Detective, according to HBO’s Casey Bloys.

We shouldn’t be too surprised. Season two of the anthology struggled to gain totally solid ground with viewers and critics, and Pizzolatto let on in a 2014 interview that the task of creating new characters and storylines after the first season was “exhausting.” The news of the show’s expected demise comes on the tail of HBO naming Bloys its new president of programming.

We’re sad to see the show that we named number one on our list of The Best TV Shows of 2014 go, but better it die in good health before a third season could completely ruin its good name, right? In the meantime, we’ll be not-so-patiently awaiting more news on what Pizzolatto has got in the pot next.