Watch: Martial Arts/Western Fusion in AMC’s Into the Badlands Trailer

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AMC has released a trailer for it’s latest upcoming series, Into the Badlands, and it’s definitely more out-there than their recent fare.

It’s hard to fit the show into a specific category, as the series is obviously martial arts but also western and seemingly dystopian. The show’s premise is loosely based on the classic Chinese tale Journey to the West, about a warrior and a young boy who journey across a dangerous feudal land seeking enlightenment. Where the Monkey King may or may not factor in, we have no idea.

From looking at the trailer, this promises to be a very unique and original series. The fight scenes look amazing and the acting looks appreciably hammy, showcasing a wide array of dangerous and intriguing characters. The visuals of this series are very distinctive as well, taking place in an unrecognizable world—who’d have thought you could have a show where swords, motorcycles and olden-day plantation mansions all go together?

Into the Badlands premieres this November on AMC.