Watch Stephen Curry, Blake Griffin and Other NBA Greats Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

TV Video
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The recurring “Mean Tweets” segment has become a highlight of Jimmy Kimmel Live, and the bit’s latest, NBA-oriented installment doesn’t disappoint. Kimmel has had everybody from Katy Perry to President Obama on the show to read Twitter insults out loud and either laugh at themselves or zing their detractors back. Now, for the third time, it’s NBA players, coaches and commentators who get to face their cruel, often hilarious internet critics.

You can check out the video above and see how past, present and future NBA all-stars reacted to the unkind words aimed at them. Stephen Curry, Blake Griffin, Magic Johnson, Tony Parker and others handle themselves well, while easygoing Draymond Green gets a big kick out of being compared to a Shrek character. Someone might want to check on Jeremy Lin, though—poor guy really got demolished.