Japanese Figure Skaters Bring Anime Yuri On Ice to Life at the Winter Olympics

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Japanese Figure Skaters Bring Anime <i>Yuri On Ice</i> to Life at the Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics are just getting underway in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and it has already enjoyed fun examples of each nation’s unique cultures. From Canadians yelling “Pardon” during curling matches to Americans tossing a football prior to curling matches (note: we’re fully aware there is more going on at the Olympics than just the curling matches), the competing nations are coupling athletic performance with cultural celebration in gleeful ways, but none more so than the Japanese.

The figure skating duo of Miu Suzaki and Ryuichi Kihara took to the rink during the opening performances of the figure skating team competition on Thursday and delivered a routine set to the title track from the immensely popular anime series Yuri On Ice. The anime centers its story around the sport and has been praised for its handling of homosexual relationships amidst the persistent homophobia within Japan.

This isn’t the first time the routine has been on display, but it is the first time the duo broke out the tribute on a global stage. It surely won’t be the last memory to be made at these games, but it is sure to be a lasting one.

Check out the performance below.