Watch the First Full Trailer for Hulu's Impressive Looking Y: The Last Man Adaptation

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Watch the First Full Trailer for Hulu's Impressive Looking <i>Y: The Last Man</i> Adaptation

Fans of author Brian K. Vaughn’s classic Vertigo comics series Y: The Last Man have been patiently waiting for what feels like years for a true look at the upcoming FX series—now FX on Hulu—and now we finally have some actual footage to spool through before an upcoming Sept. 13, 2021 premiere. And although some of the subject matter of The Last Man perhaps hasn’t aged particularly gracefully since the early 2000s, one thing is certain: They spent some money on this series, and it’s looking pretty impressive as a result.

Y: The Last Man is an apocalypse story of sorts, set against a world in which all men have suddenly and mysteriously died, leaving governments in shambles. As Hulu puts it:

Y: The Last Man takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where a cataclysmic event has killed every mammal with a Y chromosome but for one man, Yorick Brown (Ben Schnetzer), and his pet monkey Ampersand. The series follows Yorick as he traverses the new world as its survivors struggle with their losses and attempt to restore world society, led by Yorick’s mother and incumbent U.S. President Jennifer Brown (Diane Lane).

This situation leaves Yorick as a wanderer, trying to figure out what happened to the old world, and why he’s the only man left alive. It must be said, though, that even though the original comic series came out less than 20 years ago, society has changed quite a bit since then, so one wonders how this adaptation may have modernized the story. Transpeople, for instance, are barely addressed in the original Y: The Last Man comic, but one would expect the series to acknowledge this more clearly. In a society where gender is increasingly viewed as more of a construct than a biological black-or-white, how does that change the themes of The Last Man?

Regardless, you can look at the trailer below and at least see that the production wasn’t skimping on locations, sets and impressive CGI, which gives us hope that Y: The Last Man could deliver an impressive post-apocalyptic depiction of the USA. Check out the full trailer below.