Pierre Kiandjan's Optic Art on Exhibit in Paris

Visual Arts News Pierre Kiandjan
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Like so many remarkable European cities, Paris has become a special place where art mingles with everyday life. To walk its streets is an art-filled experience in itself – statues at every plaza and museums on almost every block (let’s not even mention all the plethora of excellently curated galleries of haute Marais). However, thanks to the French artist Pierre Kiandjan, there’s a bit more to enjoy during an art-lover’s tour of the City of Light – Kiandjan’s eight new exhibitions now taking up shop across Paris.


Showcasing his latest optic works, these exhibits do a great job of highlighting the Paris-based artist’s talent for reinventing illusions while balancing geometric shapes within the space of life. Installed in contemporary spaces, Kiandjan’s illusions come together from the chaotic collaboration of colors, shading and flat graphics. With every unique combination, he translates complications in motion, space and temperature into works that appear clear and simple.


Having worked with such names as Universal Music, Warner Music, and Marie Claire, the self-taught Pierre Kiandjan isn’t a new name in the art world, but now you’re more likely to see his work on your next trip to Paris’s sixth and seventh arrondissements. The complete exhibit includes six pieces currently on show within Duvivier Rive Gauche at 27, Rue Mazarine, as well as two additional pieces in the Design s.a. store at 226, Boulevard Saint-Germain, both in Paris, France.

Brent Taalur Ramsey is an American freelance writer living in Paris.