The Force Is Strong With This One (Million)

Princess Leia Spotted at Women's Marches Around the World

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The Force Is Strong With This One (Million)

Actually it’s looking like almost three million people participated in Women’s Marches around the world but we’re a sucker for a good headline. With all the attacks on “fake news” and “media bias” it seems best to under-claim rather than over-exaggerate. See Exhibit A: Sean Spicer.

But there was one huge, HUGE number we noticed this weekend at the Women’s March on Washington, D.C. and sister marches in NYC, Atlanta, San Francisco and others. Move over, Santa. It turns out Princess Leia can also make it around the globe in a single day to spread peace, joy and love to all. The iconic Star Wars character inspired hundreds, if not thousands, of peaceful protesters who cosplayed and made persuasive signs with her likeness.

One can only imagine the late Carrie Fisher’s galactic spirit being pleased at the turnout and positive female energy of the day. Her emblematic character was never tempted by the Dark Side. Both Paste contributors and local police authorities are reporting entirely peaceful protests during the Women’s Marches in Atlanta, NYC and D.C. (It’s in sharp contrast to CNN reports that over 200 people who protested Donald Trump’s inauguration on January 20th were arrested, including several who are accused of setting fire to vehicles, garbage bins and other property.)

Paste contributor Molly Harris captured Scenes from the Women’s March beautifully in her essay for our ongoing coverage of the historic gatherings, saying “this time of unity illuminates intersectional feminism and women’s rights as fundamental human rights in an effort to bring the issues to the forefront of our nation’s mind.” You’ll want to read the whole thing, but first check out our 6 Favorite Star Wars Protest Posters from the Women’s Marches of 2017:







Emily Ray is Paste’s Visual Arts Editor.