WWE WrestleMania Axxess: A Paste Photo Gallery

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WWE WrestleMania Axxess: A <i>Paste</i> Photo Gallery

WrestleMania weekend isn’t just a non-stop stream of wrestling shows from promotions big and small. It’s an all-inclusive celebration of the history of wrestling, and also a chance to meet, talk to, or get autographs from some of your favorite wrestlers. WWE runs the fan convention Axxess over four days (with three different sessions on Saturdays), where fans can meet a variety of wrestlers, check out some memorabilia, watch some wrestling matches, engage in activities like recreating wrestler entrances or cutting promos, and just generally exalt in their wrestling obsession. (Oh, and buy stuff. You can buy a lot of stuff at Axxess.)

Paste checked out Axxess last Saturday, during the morning session (we just missed Breezango as Chett Chetterfield and Mr. Macklemore), and took way too many photographs. If you want to see what Axxess is like, flip through this gallery, which includes multiple photos of Ric Flair entrance robes, close-up shots of some of the bronze statues that WWE has been commissioning of wrestling legends, and more.